Susanna Fan


Susanna, the co-founder and CEO of MMC Wellness, is a visionary in the fields of health, wellness and medical aesthetics. She holds dual master’s degrees in Law from McGill University and the University of British Columbia, academic achievements that have not only laid a solid foundation to practice law in Canada, but also sharpened her business acumen essential to lead a thriving enterprise.

Since taking the helm at MMC Wellness, Susanna has been pivotal in steering the company towards new heights with her innovative strategies and leadership excellence. Her judicious application of legal knowledge has also ensured ethical practices and the highest standards of corporate governance within the organization.

Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, Susanna is a committed philanthropist. She has played an instrumental role in developing a legal program with local attorneys, to provide free yet essential legal services for low-income individuals and senior citizens, showcasing her commitment to social responsibility.

Her dedication to social welfare, combined with her strategic vision and business acumen, has positioned MMC Wellness as a leading entity in the healthcare and medical aesthetic sectors, while continuously making a positive impact on the communities the company serves.