Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Introduction and Overview of Testosterone

Testosterone is the primary male hormone and is crucial in maintaining optimal health. It regulates libido, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass, strength, healthy production of red blood cells, virility, and cognition. As we age, testosterone begins to decline by roughly 1-3% each year. Declining testosterone levels can lead to a sense of having left one's prime years and contributes to many of the stereotypes we attribute to aging.

Testosterone plays a crucial role in men's health, influencing various physiological functions beyond its association with masculinity. It begins to increase during puberty and declines steadily after the age of 30. It is instrumental in maintaining bone density, muscle mass, and overall body composition. Additionally, testosterone contributes to mood regulation, energy levels, and cognitive functions, highlighting its significance in promoting physical vitality and emotional well-being in men.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone, also known as hypogonadism, can manifest in a variety of ways. The symptoms may vary from person to person, but common signs include:

Sexual Dysfunction

Reduced Libido: A decreased interest in sexual activity.

Erectile Dysfunction: The inability to achieve or maintain an erection.

Emotional Changes

Mood Changes: Including mood swings, depression, or irritability.

Cognitive Effects: Such as forgetfulness or trouble focusing.

Physical Fatigue and Sleep Disturbances

Chronic Fatigue: Constant tiredness and lack of energy.

Sleep Disturbances: Including insomnia or other sleep-related issues.

Changes in Body Composition and Appearance

Loss of Muscle and Bone Mass: Leading to reduced muscle strength and thinning of bones.

Increase in Body Fat: Especially around the abdomen.

Hair Loss: Thinning hair or baldness.

Health Risks

Risk of Fractures: Due to the loss of bone mass.

Gynecomastia: Enlargement of breast tissue.

These symptoms can have a significant impact on quality of life and may lead to other health concerns if left untreated. It is essential to consult with a healthcare provider if any of these symptoms are experienced, as they can conduct appropriate tests and provide treatment options tailored to individual needs.

Ideal Candidates

Those looking to undergo Testosterone Replacement are men who have noticed a decline in the way they feel about their manhood. They may experience a low sex drive, decreased stamina, significant weight gain or loss of muscle mass. They have decreased testosterone production, as determined by appropriate medical testing. Eligible patients are realistic in their expectations about TRT and what it can do for them.

Benefits of TRT

There are a plethora of benefits you can realize with testosterone replacement therapy. Many patients who undergo testosterone replacement therapy report feeling like a different person than when they initially sought treatment. The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy can include:

-Enhanced muscle mass

-Improved energy and endurance

-Enhanced libido and sexual performance

-Less brain fog

-Leaner body

-Improved mood

1. Initial Diagnostic Assessment

From the moment you enter one of our Metro Vancouver locations, you will be put at ease. The MMC Wellness team will answer your questions and listen to your concerns;following the initial assessment, you will be given a lab requisition. This essential preliminary step allows us to better understand your hormonal levels and provides crucial information to aid in diagnosis.

2. Personalized Consultation Day

Once the blood test results are available, you will meet with our MMC medical team for a personal consultation. In this judgment-free zone, the medical team will thoroughly assess your symptoms, medical history, and the results of the blood test. We take every matter seriously and strive to understand how you feel, so we can tailor the right solution for your unique set of challenges.

3. Tailoring Your BHRT Treatment Plan

Our MMC doctor will begin to tailor a unique hormone replacement plan for you.This plan will be aligned with your current health status and specific needs. At MMC Wellness, we utilize the pellet method of hormone replacement and also offer Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). These advanced techniques guarantee a consistent physiological release and a treatment that is perfectly aligned with your body's needs.

4. Comprehensive After Care & Follow-Up

This HRT process does not end with the insertion of your pellets. We at MMC Wellness believe that continued care and monitoring are essential in providing you with the highest quality care possible. You will be in constant communication with the doctor and his professional staff and will be invited to report on how you feel as the hormone therapy takes effect in your system. MMC Wellness will routinely check your blood in the 3-4 months following your initial HRT session. MMC Doctor will fine-tune your hormone plan to deliver your desired results if necessary.

Bioidentical Pellet Technology

MMC Wellness Group’s bioidentical pellet technology provides several advantages over traditional TRT methods. Firstly, it offers convenience and peace of mind as individuals do not need to worry about daily or frequent dosing. Instead, they can rely on the sustained release of hormones from the pellet. This can enhance compliance with the treatment regimen.

Our pellet technology makes use of bioidentical hormones, which is structurally identical to the testosterone naturally produced in the body. With traditional TRT, individuals are prescribed injections or oral forms of testosterone analogs such as testosterone enanthate, cypionate, and undecanoate. Our use of bioidentical testosterone mimics the physiology of your body much more closely than the synthetic analogs offered through traditional TRT.

Furthermore, the slow and steady release of hormones provided by the pellet technology helps to mimic the body's natural hormone fluctuations more closely. This can result in a more stable and consistent hormonal environment, reducing the likelihood of hormonal fluctuations and associated symptoms.



Many men report feeling like a different person after they begin hormone replacement. They bask in their renewed sense of virility, making them feel better than before. Following the insertion of the pellets under the skin, you may experience some tenderness at the implantation site. Any discomfort should resolve within 24 hours. As the pellets or injection release the hormones, you may experience an increase in sex drive as soon as three weeks after administration. You may notice an improvement in mood between 3-6 weeks. Enhancement of muscle mass and strength may be evident at around 12 weeks. During your consultation, We will discuss the additional effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy with you. Generally, men report feeling more energized, having more sexual interest and improved sexual performance, gaining enhanced strength, and experiencing improved well-being overall. 


The desire to feel strong, invigorated, and attractive may be shared among men seeking hormone replacement therapy. However, the approach to achieving their desired results will vary between individuals. This is why Dr. Jiang works closely with each patient to create a treatment plan tailored to their individual needs and physiology. Because of MMC Wellness’ customized approach to TRT, the cost of therapy will vary between patients. 


Because TRT is tailored to the individual, effects will vary between patients. During your consultation, Dr. Jiang will inform you of the risks and benefits of TRT based on your unique presentation of symptoms, body chemistry, and medical history. 


Each patient is an individual with a unique experience. The dose of testosterone you will be prescribed will be determined by several factors. To determine the therapeutically effective dose for you and your needs, Dr. Jiang will inquire about your symptoms and health history and draw blood to determine your candidacy for TRT. He will insert several pellets, each the size of a grain of rice, just under the skin near your hip. From there, you will return to the clinic for routine follow-up visits. Dr. Jiang will make any necessary adjustments based on your reports and additional testing. So, your exact dosage will be determined only after a consultation with Dr. Jiang and adjusted as needed.

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