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Madonna, 64, dates 29-year-old boxer

madonna dating boxer

Madonna, the iconic 64-year-old Queen of Pop, has been making headlines with reports of her new romantic involvement. According to insiders, Madonna is currently dating a 29-year-old boxer named Josh Popper. The couple’s relationship allegedly began shortly after Madonna’s split from her previous boyfriend, model Andrew Darnell.

Sources close to the situation have revealed that Madonna and Josh have been seeing each other romantically for several weeks. Their connection reportedly developed while Josh was training one of Madonna’s children at the Bredwinners gym in New York City. The pair’s blossoming romance was first hinted at through a series of images posted on Madonna’s Instagram account. The photos captured intimate moments between the two, with Madonna affectionately pressing her lips to Josh’s shoulder and embracing his muscular arm.

In one of the pictures, shared by Josh on his own social media, he can be seen wrapping his arm around Madonna as they strike a pose inside a boxing ring. However, when approached by, Josh neither confirmed nor denied his relationship with the music legend.

Josh Popper, a southpaw boxer, had been selling life insurance before opening the Bredwinners gym in Manhattan’s Flatiron District nearly three years ago. Madonna’s involvement with the gym is attributed to her interest in having one of her children receive boxing training from Josh. Additionally, Josh has made appearances on Bravo’s reality series ‘Summer House,’ which follows the lives of a group of young friends living in Montauk, East Hampton.

While Madonna’s personal life has been subject to public scrutiny, she has been facing a challenging time recently. She is currently mourning the loss of her older brother, Anthony Ciccone, who passed away at the age of 66. This tragedy has added emotional weight to her experiences.

Prior to her relationship with Josh, Madonna had been in a casual romance with 23-year-old model Andrew Darnell. Sources suggest that Madonna’s split from Andrew came at an unfortunate time, as she had been dealing with a crisis of confidence. Although her connection with Andrew was not deep-rooted, the timing of the breakup has affected Madonna’s emotional state. It’s worth noting that before Andrew, Madonna was involved in a three-year relationship with Ahlamalik Williams, a 28-year-old former backing dancer.

As the music icon navigates her personal life, Madonna continues to captivate the public’s attention with her influential career and ever-evolving persona.

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