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Air NZ weighs passengers pre-boarding

air New Zealand weights passengers

Air New Zealand’s Collaboration for Data Collection

Air New Zealand, in collaboration with New Zealand’s Civil Aviation Authority, has implemented a passenger weight survey at Auckland International Airport. This survey will remain effective until July 2, 2023. We kindly request passengers departing on international flights to actively participate in this survey to facilitate data collection on the weight load and distribution of planes.

Comprehensive Approach to Weight Calculations

Alastair James, Air New Zealand’s load control improvement specialist, emphasizes the airline’s comprehensive approach to weighing all items loaded onto the aircraft, including cargo, meals, and luggage. By conducting this passenger weight survey, we aim to obtain average weights for customers, crew, and cabin bags, enabling us to make accurate weight calculations.

Privacy Assurance and Data Confidentiality

To ensure passengers’ privacy, we assure you that we will anonymize the collected data and keep individual weights confidential throughout the survey period.

Active Participation and Data Submission

We request travelers to stand on a digital scale during the check-in process for their flights. We will then submit the weight information obtained from this procedure to the survey, ensuring that it remains hidden from the agent’s screen.

Independent Luggage Weighing and Privacy

In addition to personal weight measurement, we also require passengers to place their luggage on a separate identical scale for independent weighing. Alastair James, our representative, assures you that your weight readings will be kept completely private, with no visible display for anyone, including our airline staff.

Continuation of Surveys and Impact of the Pandemic

It’s worth noting that this is not the first instance where Air New Zealand has implemented a passenger weight survey. Domestic travelers participated in a similar survey in 2021. However, we had to postpone the international version due to the impact of the pandemic.

Targeted Participants and Post-Pandemic Strategy

Passengers traveling on the nonstop route from Auckland to New York City’s JFK Airport may be selected for this survey. This survey is a vital part of Air New Zealand’s post-pandemic strategy, particularly for one of the world’s longest flights, spanning approximately 17 hours.

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