Samson Tam

Samson Tam serves as the Laboratory Manager at our clinic, an indispensable role that requires precision, knowledge, and leadership. With a BSc in Applied Biology with Biotechnology from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a Medical Laboratory Technologist License from the Hong Kong Medical Laboratory Technologists Board, Samson boasts over seven years of experience in molecular laboratories. Specialized in clinical genetics, his expertise reflects a strong interest in molecular biology, complemented by a commitment to excellence that underpins all his professional pursuits.

Samson’s career journey began at BGI Group, where he started as a Junior Laboratory Technician in 2015. His talent and diligence led to a career leap to Senior Laboratory Technician at Primogenomic Bioscience Limited, where he also assumed the role of Assistant Manager, overseeing routine lab operations. Since joining our clinic in 2021, Samson’s management skills have shone, as he efficiently handles all lab-related activities with an unwavering focus on quality.

Behind the precise and analytical persona that Samson exudes as a lab manager lies a passionate and spirited musician. A talented electric guitarist who has played for over a decade, he has even performed in a metal cover band. This interest in rock and metal music, coupled with his experience as a college basketball player, unveils a side of Samson that’s ardent, creative, and collaborative. It’s a vibrant contrast that brings an unexpected yet interesting dimension to his character.

Samson’s combination of scientific expertise and artistic passion makes him a unique and invaluable member of our team. His leadership in the laboratory ensures scientific precision, while his intricate personality contributes to the rich culture at our clinic. Together with his compassionate approach, Samson’s role is instrumental in delivering care that’s not just clinically excellent but also resonates with human understanding and warmth.