Krupen Shah


Krupen Shah is a multi-faceted registered pharmacist with dual licensure in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada, since 2013. With nearly a decade in the pharmaceutical field, Krupen blends his deep pharmaceutical knowledge with an aptitude for business management.

A graduate with honors in Pharmacy from Sardar Patel University, India, in 2010, Krupen further solidified his credentials by passing the Pharmacist Licensure Exams (PEBC) in 2012. He also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in International Business Management from St. Lawrence College, Toronto, earned in 2013.

Krupen is particularly noted for his strategic approach to pharmacy operations, balancing efficiency with the highest standards of patient care. His business acumen allows him to effectively manage both the commercial and healthcare aspects of the pharmacy.

Patients often praise Krupen for the patience, empathy and commitment to patient well-being shown during interactions. He focuses on long term relationships with his patients, providing tailored healthcare advice that earns him a reputation not just as a pharmacist but as a trusted healthcare consultant.