Joshua Laberge

Joshua Laberge is a young and promising figure in the field of healthcare and research. Returning to Vancouver after a year-long research commitment at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, where he specialized in Kinesiology, Josh brings a fresh and inquisitive perspective to the team.

His upcoming graduate studies at the University of British Columbia showcase his dedication to academic excellence and exploration. Josh’s research interests are as dynamic as they are vital, focusing on muscle hypertrophy, endocrine health, and the intriguing overlaps between the two. These areas of expertise are not only academically stimulating but offer promising insights into the future of wellness and healthcare.

As a healthcare consultant at our team, Josh’s academic background and hands-on research experience have undeniably added value to the collective knowledge and practice. His presence is not just a professional addition; it is a symbol of the team’s commitment to continuous learning, innovation, and embracing the best of emerging talents.

We are thrilled to have Josh and look forward to the fresh insights and perspectives he will undoubtedly bring. His journey at the intersection of academic rigor and practical healthcare promises to inspire and invigorate the entire team.