Clinic Manager

Eva is our beloved Clinic Manager at MMC Wellness. She earned her Master’s Degree in Oncology from the prestigious West China Medical Center, Sichuan University. With ten years of valuable experience as a pharmacy assistant at PriceSmart Pharmacy and Pharmasave, Eva’s career showcases a perfect blend of academic achievement and practical expertise.

Now in her third year at MMC Wellness, Eva sets the bar for excellence in healthcare leadership. Her primary goal is enhancing the patient experience. She accomplishes this through her empathetic nature, effective administrative management, and an unwavering commitment to professional development.

As a key member of the MMC Wellness leadership team, Eva has been pivotal in cultivating a culture that puts patients first. Her influence has been crucial in establishing our clinic as a trusted healthcare provider in the Metro Vancouver region.

Away from her professional responsibilities, Eva transitions into the role of a devoted mother. Whether it’s cooking with her daughters or enjoying sunlit walks, Eva treasures these simple moments. She hopes that everyone in her orbit can also find such happiness in their lives.