Dr. Ian Miao


Dr. Miao’s journey into medicine is characterized by a blend of rigorous academic pursuit and a compassionate connection to patient care. 

Born in China and educated in Vancouver during his high school years, Dr. Miao carried his passion for medicine to the University of British Columbia, where he completed both his undergraduate studies and medical doctorate. His education and training extended into Ontario, where he specialized in family medicine and served patients from all ages and medical conditions.

Dr. Miao aims to provide a full spectrum of care, such as promoting mental health, women’s health, caring for the elderly and managing chronic illness. Additionally, Dr. Miao has special interest in utilizing different modalities to treat acute and chronic pain with physio, medication, medical cannabis, steroid injection and trigger point injection.

What sets Dr. Miao apart is his congenial nature. His patients often comment on his ability to lighten a room with humor and warmth, turning a potentially stressful medical visit into a supportive and comforting experience.

In Dr. Miao’s practice, medicine is not just a profession; it’s a calling. His unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of those in his care and his ability to make medicine relatable has made him a beloved figure among his patients and peers alike.