Cathy Chen

Pharmacist | Medical Consultant

Cathy is a dedicated Medical Consultant and Pharmacist at MMC Wellness, where her responsibilities range from conducting comprehensive health consultations to reviewing lab tests and assessing medications. Cathy thrives on the opportunity to engage directly with patients, expertly crafting personalized treatment plans within a collaborative multidisciplinary team.

As a Registered Member of the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia and a proud member of the British Columbia Pharmacy Association, Cathay boasts a wide array of qualifications, including certifications in administration of Injections, First Aid, and Specialty Injection Training. With a remarkable 15-year career as a Community Pharmacist, she brings extensive expertise and compassion to her role at our clinic. 

Cathy’s commitment goes beyond her professional accomplishments, she collaborated with First Nations’ nurse practitioners and contributed to the Chinese Canadian Medical Hotline during the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting the well-being of Chinese-speaking communities by connecting pharmacies, coordinating deliveries, and offering crucial healthcare information.

Cathy’s personal journey is equally inspiring. Leaving her family of accomplished physicians in China at a young age, she pursued studies in the US and Canada. Now, as a mother of two, her experiences have woven a persona marked by strength, independence, empathy, and warmth. Striving for a balanced life, Cathy aims to empower herself, her MMC patients, and the broader community in achieving holistic well-being.