Aditi Patel

Registered Pharmacist

Aditi is a highly-skilled registered pharmacist, licensed in British Columbia, Canada since 2014. She is a committed medical professional with a customer-centric approach and focuses on patient care and well-being.

Aditi holds a B.Pharm Honors from Nirma University, India, and further specialized in Industrial Microbiology at Centennial College, Canada. She passed her Pharmacist Licensure Exams (PEBC) in 2013, cementing her credentials.

Known for her meticulous attention to detail, Aditi ensures the accurate and safe dispensing of medications in compliance with regulatory standards. She collaborates closely with MMC Wellness team members and is a steadfast advocate for ethical pharmacy practices.

Beyond her professional acumen, Aditi is valued for her empathy and superior customer service skills, making her not just a pharmacist but a trusted healthcare partner.